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Do I have oral herpes

One week ago I had unprotected oral sex.(gave a blowjob) he had no cuts or pumps on his penis. The ******** lasted only a few minutes. Just yesterday I developed what looks like a small red pimple slightly above my top lip. I have not experienced any burning,tingling,itching,fever or swollen lymph nodes but it hurts when I touch it or when I move my mouth. Could this be herpes? I am extremely worried and is very afraid of catching stds. Also I am very aware of my body so I'm sure I had no other symptoms. However after reading the symptoms I started experiencing a little burning right above the bump and on my cheek. Is this my mind playing tricks on me, anxiety or.could this really be herpes
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You cannot be that worried about catching STD's or you would not be giving unprotected **'s. Go to the doctor.
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It's best to have it checked by a doctor to make sure.
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