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Hello , my daughter is 15 now and has a ASD it is 7mm to 9mm! Dr. Says it will close on it's on!!! But late diagnosis at the age of 7. She has had several episodes of dizziness , blackouts , and at least 4 syncope episodes within the last year! But this has gone on her whole life ! Not to mention lots of headaches and shortness of breath! Her pediatric cardiologist blows her off and is a jerk and says it's unrelated! We have had blood work and cts , you name it we've done! Tilts are neg. her primary has called in to a new cardiologist for us but he's in the same group! Idk what to do anymore! I know she doesn't feel good!! Should it be closed!
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Sorry to hear of your difficult experience.  Do you have the option to get a cardiologist opinion from someone who is outside of that particular group?  Or are you close to one of the major cardiology centers?  That may give you more confidence.  Keep in mind, though, that you can get two very different doctors within the same group - they may consult with each other, but doctors within the same group will still have their own opinions and style, and you may mesh better with a different doctor, but still within the group.

It's hard to know the particulars of what your daughter's physicians are considering, but in general, MDs are more inclined to close an ASD now than they had been in the past.  And some small ones the size you mention can be closed with intravascular devices (balloon, clam shell closure), so no open heart surgery required.  

Being symptomatic certainly raises the likelihood a cardiac surgeon would want to close an ASD.  If the pediatric cardiologist says her symptoms are unrelated to her ASD, has any workup been done to find an alternative cause for those symptoms you mention?

Best wishes, Sue Salisbury, RN  Maui Hawaii
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Hi my baby boy was diagnosed with vsd of 1 mm when he was 6 weeks. Dr told it will gradually decrease when he gets older but after 1 year of follow up the hole was the same 1 mm . Now he is 2 and a half year old he is frequently having cough fever and cold. I just want to know is it due to the hole in his heart?? Is it getting bigger?? I am away from him and it is really making me stressed out.
Maybe, has he had a cmr-?
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Get it closed asap... if her pressures are not yet elevated.   Your doc sounds like an arrogent idiot.  And do not see someone in the same group.  Better yet, go to a different city for another opinion.
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