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HELP with ECHO please!

Hi all, please I am a mother of 2 boys with no one to rely on, living in a foreign country.

My husband is 48, he’s been experiencing light dizziness, then chest discomfort/pain, palpitations in the last couple of months, but he did seek help when the he had a severe chest pain that subsided slowly. Like an acute pain.

After a chest x ray ( clear all good ) , blood work ( ok ) , treadmill stress test ( ok ) and an echocardiogram, he was referred to a cardiologist because the echo showed :

“Moderately dilated RV ( AP4=5.0cm ) with preserved systolic function” and
“Small secundun ASD with left to right shunt
Qp/Qs 1,3”

Conclusion: “secundun atrial defect ( ASD ) with moderately dilated right ventricle”

How serious is his situation?

Is there still time for the closure ( hole in the heart ) be done?

Please share your similarities or thoughts, thanks a lot

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Not to worry.  He just needs to get it closed.   Can be done transcath.  I have a a gore cardio form and dont even feel it.  Please reach out if you have any more questions. Also,  make sure his pah pressure is not elevated prior to closure.  Otherwise that could he problematic.

So glad to hear this.
Thanks, I’ll reach out if I need it.
And I will post here after the procedure.
Thanks again!!

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