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Small hole 4mm ASD

Dear All / Sirs

My Name is Sibtain Raza Somji from karachi, recently I came to know from Cardio ECO Report that my baby (4 months old) has affected from ASD (size 4mm), doctor advise me that by the time she grows the hole will be filled (I hope so Inshallah), I want to ask that Size 4mm is considered to be small or medium ??? can any one tell me what to do now ?????

your early reply would be highly appreciated.
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Hi. The direction and size of the shunting are determined by the size of the defect and compliance of the ventricles. A small defect less than 0.5 cm (5 mm) in diameter is associated with a small shunt and no significant sequelae. On the other hand, a larger defect (more than 2 cm or 20 mm) in diameter may be associated with a large shunt and blood flow changes. ASD may not require treatment if there are few or no symptoms, or if the defect is small. Surgical closure of the defect is recommended if the defect is large, the heart is swollen, or symptoms occur. To know more about ASD, consult your pediatric cardiologist. Hope this answers your question.
Hi Dr my baby s 1.5months old...he was born with preauricular tags n Dr here suggested us for echo n in echo we found 3mm os asd ...will it close naturally? Dr here told us not to worry ...is this 3mm can be a pfo or os asd? Plz reply we r so much worried .. remaining report s normal ...it s written mildly dilated Ra/Rv ...we
dint consult cardiologist ... pediatrician told us seeing d report
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My son is 4 days old and has a 6mm hole in the heart(ASD). This was found after carrying out ECHO test. Doctor advised that it would close on its own and there is no issue. Can somebody please advise in this regard (detailed explanation will help us)? I had searched in the net regarding my issue and most of the cases the hole did not close.
My son s 40days old ...on his 6th day we found 3mm os asd mildly dilated Ra/rv... bt Dr told it LL close on its own....is there anyone whose asd is closed naturally? My son s having preauricular tags so we had gone for echo...no symptoms as of now ...
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It is small.  Did they say if dhe has an enlareged right atrium or right ventricle?
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