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Ultrasound showed i have a hole in the heart

I'm 38 year old male. Had ultrasounds of my heart 10 years ago and 2 years ago. My complain was increased heartbeat and sometimes pain in the left side of the chest.

Today i went to the doctor again for the same problem. After EKG, he told me that i look healthy, and have no reason to come to the doctor, but nevertheless he decided to do Echo ultrasound in their office. After looking at the results on the monitor he told me there seems to be that i have a small hole between chambers of the heart. And he told me that i need to do an MRI of the heart.

Question, how is it possible that i had a hole in the heart and didn't know about it till i was 38, and no ultrasounds showed it in previous years?


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I hope you’re doing fine
Mu husband is in a similar situation
Please share what’s happened , did you do the closure?

It’s a congenital defect that can be fixed, correct? Thanks
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