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2.5 Year Old Fixation


I am conerned about my son, who is 2.5 years old. He has always been a difficult child. Difficult sleeper, colicy, temper tantrums, head banging, screaming at the top of his lungs (even when he is happy). He has been this way since birth, and I was hoping it would get better as time went on, but it has not. One thing that we have noticed is that he gets fixated on a routine, and throws a major fit if that routine is changed. He cannot adapt to different situations very well. For example, he wants to go to grandma's house every day after daycare, and if he doesnt, then he screams, cries, bangs his head, and this can last for an hour. Other examples are not being able to go outside or wanting to take a bath or play with play doh at certain times of the day.

When he is not throwing a temper tantrum, he is a generally happy boy with an amazing laugh and he is very smart! However, I would say that for most of the day he is unhappy rather than happy.

I hate to label him as autistic at this young of age...and he may not be at all! I am just curious if this is a pattern with other kids.

I appreciate any help and advice!

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That sort of behavior isn't uncommon in typically developing children, so I'm not sure that you have a reason to be worried about autism.  The other piece of the disorder is a deficit in social interaction, so keep an eye out for that.  Ultimately, if you're worried, it's best to have him assessed and start getting services early.
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i do agree with the previous answer! i understand that it is not easy to deal with but do not panic or  label your son attitude. Find a good child psychologist and have him assessed. How is he doing in day care ? do you know an inclusive school near by ? one thing is that in early age a very quiet baby can be more bad news! now to help you we need more details about like Jason said, his social skills, walking, crawling, pre speech fine motoring(ex capacity to play with small object toys) eye contact. In the mid while he like patterns so do give him regular time to eat, bath, sleep find out what activity comes him down, be open minded inventive and keep your eyes open. If u can not afford a psychologist i may be able to put u in contact with one online who works for free by skype.    

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