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2yr old with regression and suspected PDD

Hello, recently my daughters Doctors (GI, Nuero, And Ped) suspect that my daughter has some form of PDD. My daughter fits some catergories of having PDD. She has always had sensory issues, doesnt like you to touch her hair, face, wont have anything to do with messy play, and she likes to sit in the tub for a bath but doesnt like it when you start to wash her with the wash cloth. She also is very sensitive to noise, such as fire alarms, cars going down the street. She covers her ears sometimes even though I dont hear any noise. She sticks to certain foods such as applesauce, and crackers and milk only. Ever since she was 10mths she was walking and I noticed that she would like to spin around in circles most of the time or she would just run in circles giggling. she makes minimum eye contact and it takes a while for her to respond to me when I call her name, she will glance at me and then look away quickly as if she's focusing on something else when there really isnt anything else going on around her. She also has regressed in some things such as her potty training. She was potty trained before she turned two, now it's as if shes lost control of her bladder and bowels, at times she doesnt even realise that she's messed on herslef. When she has things like crayons in her hands she will twist it around for a while instead of using it. She has always kept to herslef, her daycare says she doesnt talk at all when there or interact with the other children. Her cargivers say that she will play next to other children but not really play or talk with them. She has a good imagination, but rather play by herslef. She has epilepsy and these things started manifesting more when her first seizure occured but have always been there like the regression. She has PICA with normal blood levels which is concerning her GI she says that some kids with Autism can have this. She also has terrible metldowns for no apparent reason, and can be violent.  Could she possible have some form of PDD?
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It is possible that a diagnosis on the autism spectrum would be appropriate for your daughter.  I suggest asking the doctors you've spoken to for a referral to a professional who can assess your daughter to determine if she meets the criteria for a diagnosis.  As a general rule, I recommend assessment if there is any concern at all.  In the mean time, and regardless of the diagnosis, make sure you are actively perusing services for your daughter.  Issues such as her attending, social interaction, and toileting can all be addressed through appropriate behavior-analytic therapy.
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