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3+ year old girl with developmental delays

She has been tested by the schools, delayed in all 5 areas tested to a degree of 40% overal delays. She is in special needs preschool, and is seen by a private speech patholagist 2 xs a week and the school for Speech OT and PT. She drools alot and chews on everything including her fingers(leaves them scabbed) Likes a choking sensation, I have to remove all strings( she has a fasination with) from her reach. She looks me in the eye when asked. Doesn't notice others faces tho. Everyone is Daddy, or mama or Aunt de or uncle me gran or papa. She has a horrible temper, cant stand crowds( freaks out screaming if anyone talks to her) She has had two major surgeries, tangled bowels and GERD causing pnuemonia, she has been treated for asthma for 2 years now, and on a special diet for gi problems.She has severe exzema that nothing works on.We go to a behavoral and developmental pedi next month I am wondering what I should expect
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It sounds like the delays in your daughter's development are fairly pervasive, however, I am very encouraged to hear that you have found and continue to seek services for her.  Intervening early has been shown to be extremely beneficial and it seems that you have already initiated a range of important services.  The speech pathologist may be able to help with language delays, and the OT with problems related to the drooling.  I would also recommend seeking explicit treatment for the aggression and finger biting.  A good person to go to would be a board certified behavior analyst who has experience treating the types of behavior problems your daughter is exhibiting.  With appropriate intervention, the prognosis for successful treatment of aggression and self-injury is quite good.  I also can’t stress enough the importance of frequent contact and conversation with the individuals providing services.  Make sure that you understand the treatments put in place and that the data are frequently reviewed with you so that you are able to ascertain the rate of progress being made.  It is also crucial for you to identify components of treatment that are important for you to carry over into your daughter’s daily life.  For example, successful treatment of aggression typically involves arrangement of consistent contingencies for aggression and appropriate communication.  Anything that you can do in the home to keep these contingencies in place will add to the effectiveness and speed of the treatment.

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