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5 year old with nightmares

I was recently told by a psychiatrist that my son may have austim spectrum disorder. He suffers from vivid bloody gruesome..... HORRIBLE nightmares about 4 times a week. He also chews constantly on his shirts, ruining most of them the first time he wears them. He does seem to get stressed easily, and its hard to get him to untangle his thoughts and think more clearly.
He is also excessively smart. He has taught himself how tor read, add and subtract. He loves to learn, play video games and play with his action figures.
Could he have austism? Are these some of the symptoms of a 5 year old?
If not... then how can I help with his bloody nasty nightmares? and help relieve his stress?
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It is rather odd for a psychiatrist to tell a parents that their children "may" have autism.  If you have concerns, absolutely have him assessed by a trained professional.  I am not seeing signs of autism in your description but it is impossible to do a diagnosis from that alone.  For the shirt chewing and nightmares, I recommend seeing a behavior analyst with experience working with children like your son.  The shirt chewing can be addressed for sure, the nightmares might be a little trickier but there are ways to improve his sleep and bedtime experience in general.
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