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Hello, My son is 9 years old. He is dysgraphic, LD in Written and Expressive Language and Speech delayed. He is currently on an IEP in a contained classroom. Recently  During a FBA meeting at school, His teacher mention that she See's many autistic behaviors in my son. She also said she did not think it was ADHD. The behaviors she mentioned  are

- focusing on objects and tuning everything off
- Social problems
- Digging in sand for objects during recess
- Making noises during class ( however my child does not make noises at home)
- interest in odd objects (my son like to collect rocks, coins .........)
- distractibility, not folowling teacher instruction on classwork
-And arguing the that his wrong answers are right.

What makes  Autism test difficult in my son's situation  is that my son had Severe Hearing Loss that went undetected until the age of 51/2. His hearing was later corrected with surgery. Yes my son did not speak full sentences until he regained his hearing and since has had some sensitivity to noises.

I will like to test my son for Autism and ADHD. I took a online screen-er for Autism and it indicated 89 mild PDD. When  I took this  online screen-er I realized how similar ADHD and PDD are.We do not want to take the chance of a wrong diagnoses. Especially with the prior hearing loss (left ear 55db hearing loss right ear 45db hearing loss) and how this may have effected his language skills. What test should I ask for?......What type DR. should test him.
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I am a parent of a child on the autistic spectrum, not a professional.  My advice would probably be to ask for an evaluation through observations and assessments by a multi disciplinary team through Health (ie. a referral from your GP or paediatrician).  I would specifically ask to be sent to a centre that has experience of diagnosing autistic spectrum disorders.  They should be in a better position to rule autism in or out as although there are similarities there are also subtle differences between the two diagnosis.
My only other comment is that children do tend to be very different at home as opposed to at school.  My son appears alot more 'autistic' in the classroom than he does at home.  But there can also be other children with Aspergers who appear to 'cope' well at school, but then let out all their anger and frustration at home.
There are also alot of similarities in behaviours between children with hearing or visual loss and autism.  That is why alot of professionals who deal with autistic children believe that in some way they are 'blind' or 'deaf' to their environment and social interactions.
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