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Anxiety with school

My 5 year old daughter has autism since starting back school after xmas hols she started off being very distressed and not wanting to go to school. She is now vomiting clear fluid most mornings before school she is not as distressed but withdrawn and very cuddly with us. School says she is fine after 20 mins of being in school she also refusing to eat and drink before school but at snacktime she has toast and milk. This never happens at a weekend she eats and drinks fine no vomiting. We have seen our GP and her peadrictian who dont seem concerned I just worry we are missing something serious as she cant say how she feels or if anything hurts.
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Certainly continue to keep in touch with your pediatrician about the issue.  We sometimes observe self-induced vomiting in children with autism, and perhaps that is the case here.  Generally speaking, the goal for treating these sorts of transition problems is to make things really great for the child during the transition and upon arriving at school (i.e., make the trip and arrival a real treat for her).  If this continues, follow up with the school, consider adding a IEP objective to address it, and pursue behavior analytic services to help.
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