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Aspergers at age 19


I'm 19 and was just diagnosed with Aspergers after years of struggling in school and social situations
I did graduate high school, but with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 (I believe it's 1.6, but I'm not stupid, I have a math disability but I always exceeded on state reading/writing tests, I just think differently then others) so I can't get into most colleges.
My mum is supporting me and she has a low income, I've not been able to keep a job.

now that I have the diagnosis I want to know what resources are out there for someone at my age, who's no-longer in school but really needs to be in college, and have specialized help

Does anybody know what's out there?
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The answer to your question will depend upon the college.  Fortunately, every college will have an office that handles arranging additional supports for students who need them.  Contact the college admissions office, explain your situation, and they can direct you to the appropriate people tot talk to.  If you're living at home, a local community college might be a great option and they will also have an office in charge of making sure that students like you recieve needed support.
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Oh I should also mention I have a PsyD that I'm now seeing once a week, and that I'm trying a new medication(wellbutrin) to help manage my depression(I tried Celexa but that didn't do anything)
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What about other resources? Not just the school resources I mean.
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