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Asperger's or social immaturity?

My son (6 years old) is very intelligent and easily keeps up with his kindergarten 'academics' but there are 'attention-getting behaviours' in class and he struggles with how to make friends.  

We brought him to a psychologist, and she feels he may have a mild presentation of Asperger's.  I'm resistant to this, I admit, but with some reasons:  he's affectionate, spontaneous, looks people in the eye when talking with them, doesn't freak out if plans are changed, doesn't speak in a monotone or drone on about a single subject.  He's not very athletic, but there's no odd gait or mannerism.  He DOES correct people, and he does seem to have trouble reading social cues.  He can be quite bossy and controlling in play.  Mostly with classmates he just 'acts goofy' and they sort of ignore him.  The psychologist pointed out to me that he doesn't make eye contact with her when they play together - he looks at the toys.

If Asperger's is not a correct diagnosis, will the interventions related to Asperger's be helpful?  I don't see much point in arguing with the psychologist as long as she's helping my son.  But I don't want to send us down the wrong road for his needs.

Thanks for any advice!
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You are right on target with focusing on the needs of your son.  If he could use some help with social interaction, make sure he gets it!  The diagnosis is often the road to an IEP and making sure that appropriate services are in place and the services themselves matter a lot more than the diagnosis.  Based on your description, I can't tell if a diagnosis is appropriate or not.  Certainly, if you feel like a diagnosis isn't appropriate, go ahead and seek a second opinion.
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