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Autism & Adrenal Insufficiency


I am 27 and I have Aspergers. I have had medical issues all of my life it seems. I have had to have a surgery of some type or another every year since 2007 and my tonsils/adnoids were removed in 1988 (age 2)

I've been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, acid reflux, IBS, ITP, fibromyalgia (?), POTS (2007), my gallbladder was removed due to an unknown cause of disease- it simply stopped working and no CT MRI or ultrasound showed that- only the HIDA Scan. Appendix was removed with ovarian cyst as well. Deviated septum (85-90% deviation) was fixed, abnormal moles removed, carcinoma in situ of cervix, and now it seems that the "POTS" symptoms that had vanished after months of Thermotab treatment are back and they are back in full swing - very suddenly started up agan -

Adrenal insuf is listed as a diagnosis but not entirely sure why - 21 Hydroxylase Antibody was mildly positive, aldosterone is abnormal, Cortisol stim test showed 42 at 1 hr mark but it was done at noon time and no baseline was drawn. DHEA-Sulfate high, Free Testosterone is high (periods are normal)

Does anyone know if cortisol and ASD are truly connected? I only read one article about it.
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While there is no established relation between cortisol and autism, obviously you have a complex medical situation.  There isn't evidence supporting possible comorbidity between the conditions you've experienced and autism.  Both people with and without autism diagnoses can face challenging health problems and I believe it will be most effective to treat the health issues individually rather than as somehow related to autism.
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Test Results thus far...things were done a bit backwards and not at ideal times but because they failed to do a baseline test on any of the below, I asked my PCP to do a baseline (without ACTH stimulation) around the same time on a different date.

10/22 @ 12:35 (Noon Time)

DHEA Sulfate - 419   (1hr after ACTH Stim / no baseline)
Free Testosterone - 6.2  ( 1hr after ACTH Stim / no baseline)
Aldosterone - 39   (1hr after ACTH Stim / no baseline)
Cortisol - 42    (1hr after ACTH Stim / no baseline)
LH 2.9 and FSH 3.7    (1hr after ACTH Stim / no baseline)
17-OHProgesteron 107   (1hr after ACTH Stim / no baseline)


Antibody Tests-

Adrenal AB - Negative
Adrenal Antibody Screen with Reflex to Titer - Negative
21 Hydroxlyase Antibody (2007) - Weak Positive 3 (range <1)


11/04 @ 12:31 (Noon Time)

Free Testosterone - 5.0 (range 3.5-5.2 No Stimulation)
SGBH - 31 (no range included)
Total Testosterone - 34 ( range 6-82)
Cortisol  5.9

****************************** still waiting on the rest **********************
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Aldosterone - 2 (no stim @ noon)
Morning Cortisol - 27.5
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