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My daughter is 17 she has Autism and speaks very little.  She had a heart arythmia that was ablated in 6/2012.  Just recently she had another episode of the SVT and her cardiologist gave us 3 options,  go in for another ablation,  try to wear a holter monitor for at least a month or have a loop recorder implanted in her chest to record automatically any abnormal heart arythmias.  I feel the ablation is a big deal because they are feeding the wires in her arteries to heart,  and the monitor she takes off as soon as she is alone so at night she removes it.  Lastly the loop recorder is an out patient procedure no wires in heart just placed under the skin,  I'm kinda leaning towards this because she doesn't really communicate and she takes off the external monitor.  We are meeting with the Dr that will preform the procedure on Monday,  I'm just stressed out as to what I should do.  It's so hard sometimes with a child like this and making such a huge decision.  Thank you-!
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Ultimately, this is a decision that you need to make with your doctor.  You have a good understanding of what your daughter will tolerate.  It sounds like you already have an idea of which of those options might be best. Discuss the pros and cons with the doctor and make sure you're comfortable with the final decision.
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Sorry I can't help you with the decision, I just hope everything turns out find with your daughter, good luck.
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