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Did anyone hear about Sensory Enrichment Therapy?

I was wondering if anyone heard of this treatment. I came upon this research article from UCI [url]http://news.uci.edu/press-releases/enrichment-therapy-effective-among-children-with-autism-uci-study-finds/ [/url] they are talking about a clinically proven research that is new and seems to have good results.  

I kept on reading and looking on the web and found a program that is called "Mendability for Autism". I wanted to know if anyone heard of them. I am looking for a cost effective way to treat my 4 year old daughter who has speech problems.
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This is a study in which effects were seen for parents spending time with their children, interacting with various types of stimuli.  Generally speaking, environmental enrichment has been around for a long time.  What we know is that time with your child playing and teaching can be beneficial.  The most effective applications involve integrating play time with learning about new things.  I would advocate for doing more than merely exposing your child to an array of stimuli.  Very few studies have suggested that the exposure alone does anything, and the scientific support of sensory integration in general is extremely weak, but enriching an environment and arranging new, fun interactive and learning activities can have nice outcomes.
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