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Does my son have High Functioning Autism

I am a Special educator and consider my self to be well educated on the subject of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  However when it comes to my own child my husband seems to think I am blind.  I am aware that my child has some differences from other 5 year olds.  The characteristics that my son shows that could be associated with Autism Spectrum disorders are:
-Self simulation when he is very excited or thinks something is very funny (his mouth opens to make a silent squeal and he rapidly flaps his hands)
-Repeats vocabulary or phrases that he has just learned or that he finds interesting
-Continues to talk on a subject when others have finished
-Shows signs of immature play (likes to play chase games or other games that do not involve imaginary play, just running)
-enjoys mild pressure (wraps himself in blankets and rolls around on the ground, puts the dog on his back or stomach)
-often speaks in loud scratchy voice (this just annoys my husband and he wanted me to mention it)
-He is very impulsive and highly active
-extremely intelligent (especially in math, understand multiplicative concepts already)

I have another son with none of these characteristics so my husband is concerned for my older one.  He has friends right now because he is 5.  We are both concerned for his socialization as he gets older.  I have told my husband we are doing all we can and even if he does have a form of Autism there is nothing we can do but support him.  
He never throws fits and does not have any irrational fears.  We have had 2 preschool teachers and his Kindergarten teacher insinuate that he is highly active and that he tends to "zone out".  I know that children with ADHD can look similar to children on the spectrum.  So my question is: Do you think it sounds as if my child has a form of Autism?  Should I even bother getting him diagnosed and if I did what benefit would it be to him?
I apologize for the length of this e-mail, i wanted to be clear on his characteristics.
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