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Frustrated with no diagnosis

My son went through a phase of testing with a clinical child psychologist. She said that her "instincts" say that he does not have a PDD, but possibly ADHD, even though he displays all signs of having a PDD. She said that because he did not display these behaviors in her office, she can't say. What she did say was that he has Language Processing Disorder, Sensory Integration Dysfuncion and Speech delays. She refused to look at video tapes we have of the Stimulatory behavior he exhibits at home and school such as the rocking and his repetitive behaviors as well and would look at reports from the school. I have run out of resources here in the states. What can I do?
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is this through a regional center?
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I would want a second opinion.  I would go back to your GP/Paediatrician and tell them you want referring to a multi-disciplinary team that has experience of diagnosing autism and aspergers.  Have you googled DSM IV Aspergers/Autism/PDD NOS to get the clinical criteria the professionals are looking for?  As you will see any child only has to get some of the behaviours in the areas mentioned.  I would then begin making a daily diary of behaviours he shows that meets the criteria.
When my son was being assessed he was seen at home and school on a number of occasions by various professionals for the very reason that these children do tend to behave differently in different environments.  We were also asked to video him at home for them to look at.
I think you need to be referred to a centre that has deals exclusively with speech and communication disorders such as those on the autistic spectrum.  Other professionls simply dont always see the autism in the behaviours and it leaves the parents with no answers.  
Of course it maybe that your son does have a mixture of ASD and ADHD.  But again it takes time and numerous observations to make that decision.  It took over 18 months for my son to get a diagnosis and he was seen by around 5 professionals and each one saw him at least twice.
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Sensory difficulties
Language difficulties

Can be components of the Autism spectrum diagnosis

If not all components are present - you get PDD-NOS.

Some people are arguing to include ADHD in PDD spectrum as it has so many sinilar traits; many treatments (behavioral management, visuals, etc) are similar as well

I would call it whatever it takes to get appropriate help. And really, if it clinician feels that it is ADHD with PDD traits - why not call it PDD and be done with it. It is not like it will be tatooed on his forehead, and it is not that one is "better" than the other. Severe ADHD may very well be a lot lower functioning then mild PDD.

Certainly - get a second opinion.


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