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GF-CF Diet

So I have a 10 yr. old brother who has ASD and my mom wants to start him on a gluten free and casein free diet. Can somebody please explain what that diet is and how to start it?
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While gluten/casein free diets may be helpful for individuals who have difficulty digesting gluten or casein, the diet will not be helpful in treating symptoms of autism (based on both empirical research and my own experience with hundreds of individuals diagnosed with autism).  Your doctor should be able to evaluate whether a diet of this sort is medically warranted for your brother and also provide directions on how to administer such a diet.
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I have. 27 mouth old that I am
Very worried about. He only says about ten words and doesn't join any together. If he wants something he grunts, takes me to whatever he wants or says that and points to it. He does seem
To follow instructions- get me a nappy, blanket etc.
He is very loving, kisses and shows affection. He plays well with his four year old sister and other children at play centres and always does things to make you laugh. He is not sensitive to light, food or touch. Can anyone help me in putting my mind at rest or giving advice in talking tips. Thank you
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