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Help and Diagnosis

It has been suggested to me many times in my life that I may be on the autism spectrum.  Where does an adult of 38 years of age go to get diagnosed and help.  I am on SSI and have Medicaid, but everywhere (hundreds) of places I've called either only take children, or in the rare case that they take adults don't take medicaid.  Please I want to know for sure, once and for all, so I can get the  help I need to possibly got off disability and maybe be a productive member of society.  Thaniks.
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I'm surprised you are having a difficult time finding a professional who will assess you.  The autism diagnostic criteria are not age specific, and there should be no relative difficulty determining if you meet them or not.  My best suggestion is to follow up through your doctor to receive a referral to a professional that your doctor trusts.
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