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Hospital Accommodations?

SOrry... I didn't mean to post it in the other autism forum... I'm kind of new here but... if you want to delete the other question there... yeah.

Anyway, copying what I said:

I am 22 years old and I am diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. I also have ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder and severe anxiety... as comorbid disorders. My issue is with hospitals. It's not so much having a card with all those things listed but them knowing how to treat me. I am the type who would literally scream as I run out of the hospital. I also can't feel pain... I can feel it, yes but its hard for me to react to the pain. I also don't like being with other patients in a waiting room where some are throwing up and whatever... I have trouble expressing myself also and usually my mom is with me to help explain but... sometimes they expect me to answer the questions... I function at an eleven year old level where my IQ stands... which is about 74 or 75. I am capable of written expression but who wants to spend hours writing something I wrote down in so much detail?

I've always denied the option of going to a hospital for anything and what's worse is that if I had a real medical emergency, going to the hospital would only worsen that to such an extreme. My mom has told the about my disabilities and they've decided that, "oh well she must be retarded" and ask if I can talk... my mom only knows so much about me and sometimes I feel like I want to get away. I have actually walked out of a hospital once because of the intense fear I have. I just hate being misunderstood.

Is there anything I can do to maybe have it in RECORD or some form of written expression they will actually try to read and understand? I mean this fear is so bad that one of these days I could be dead the next day because I refused to go to a hospital the following night. I can't even set foot in a hospital without being meltdown prone... and sometimes I actually do meltdown.

So please help if you can...
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