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How to help constant Intrusive thoughts for 8 year old PDD NOS Boy

My son 8 year old son (PDDNOS) Sensory Intergration Disorder and GAD has constant intrusive thoughts.  He describes them as constant chatter,laughing sounds in his head, his thoughts are negative and self defeating. He has complained for 1.5  years with no relief.  There is not a time when he doesn't have them. He has lots anxiety around peers and worries he will be in trouble. Risperdal,Zoloft Buspar, Abilfy all have not  worked.  Could their be some kind of inner ear problem or tumor in his head. He has consistently complains that the bridge of his nose is in pain and of headaches.  Could someone please shed some light on this I at my wits end.  Thanks
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I would certainly recommend continued interaction with your pediatrician attempting to identify the source of the pain your son seems to be experiencing.  It also seems like you have a psychiatrist that you are working with trying to treat the thoughts and sounds your son is reporting. Intrusive thoughts are sometimes observed in individuals with GAD but they are not one of the defining symptoms of autism-spectrum disorders. Intrusive thoughts are commonly treated with both medication and behavioral therapy. The best recommendation that I can give you is to find a therapist with experience working with children like your son and make sure that the psychiatrist prescribing the medication is monitoring its effects and making changes as necessary if the medication is ineffective.
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