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I need a real diagnosis

my son has been diagnosed w/ADHD and aspergers syndrome ADHD by the doc aspergers by the school no real help so far and its been a couple years do they care or dont know how to help. I REALLY  need help we live in dearborn county IN the list above to pick from i could of picked a ton so where to start no one is giving me an answer or even advice HELP
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I am not that familiar with services in your geographic area. But, you might consider contacting the Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center at the Riley Hospital for Children. This program offers many services including a family resource center. In addition, if you need help with behavioral issues, there are several Board Certified Behaivor Analysts in your area. A directory of these providers (by state) is available at the website of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (http://www.bacb.com/).
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you may want to re evalulate that adhd diagnosis -that is the most misdiagnosed. they told me that is what my son had only to find out he has pdd and aspergers syndrome i'd get a second opion.
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Does he have an IEP for school?  What kind of help are you looking for?  I have a 10 year old daugther with Asperger's.  She was diagnosed 4 years ago, and I have researched this topic like crazy, gone to psychologists, joined autism groups, etc.  Not to mention that my husband and I both have various Aspie traits, so we totally GET it.  I have found no help out there.  I read a lot of things that I can relate to, but I never get any "answers."  We as a family know way more about Asperger's than any of the so called "experts" at the school.
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