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Lamictal and Abilify for emotional outbursts

My 12 year old son's pdoc just recommended weaning him off Zoloft and starting Lamictal - starting at 25 mg (he has the starter pack) and his pdoc has informed me of the possible side effects.  Then in about 3 days he wants him to add 2mg of Abilify.  My son has been taking the Zoloft for 4 years for excessive crying, frustration, and anger/outbursts.  It has worked well curbing these symptoms up until just recently - the symptoms have returned- not as frequently but more severe than prior to the Zoloft (I'm sure puberty has something to do with it) so doc suggested new meds.  He has been recieving CBT from a  psychologist for over 5 years which has been helpful.

I'd like to get some more opinions regarding this med combo.....any info you can share - especially pertaining to weight gain, sleepiness/sleeplessness, irritability or agitation, and hyperactivity would be very helpful.   Is it better to take in am or pm - he does have trouble falling asleep.

My son experiences occasional mild tics - are either of these meds known to exacerbate tics?

Thanks so much!
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