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My 6 year old son has an issue with his clothes

I have a 6 year old son that was diagnosed with ADHD at 3ish, and it has been a struggle, I also have a 10 year old son that would always try and help me out but it is not working with either of us.
I am a single mom raising my 2 boyz as best as I can and it is a struggle with this issue right now and I need help. I have him put out his clothes the night before and we discuss exactly what needs to be done in the morning, and when the morning comes, it all changes. I can't understand, he knows I get upset, I walk away, sometimes I stay and help him, I explain it to him, I have tried everything I think, and I can't figure out why he is getting a charge sometimes at seeing me go absolutely craaaazy! I dont know the answer and I will try anything if you have any answers. Please help me, I am so stressed out after the end result, whatever it is, and it ruins my day and it stresses him out too cuz he has a bad day in school, I have plenty more issues that I have to deal with everyday, but this one seems to be the biggest right now and I am so spent!! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!  :(
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It sounds as though the problem is that he doesn’t put on the clothes that you have picked out the night before.  It’s difficult to know exactly why he is doing this.  One possibility is that he is trying to avoid the clothes you’ve picked out for some particular reason, perhaps because they are uncomfortable in some way.  In this case, you might want to try letting him independently pick out the clothes he’d like to wear, and maybe even pick out two outfits the night before – this way, he still has a choice in the morning and you’ve had a chance to pre-approve the outfit.  If he does seem to consistently avoid particular outfits, you might try taking him out to try on clothes when you are buying them, so that he is able to help pick out clothes that he likes and may be more likely to wear.

As you mentioned, it’s also possible that he does want some attention from you, in which case you should be trying to minimize the amount of attention that he gets for not following your directions, and provide plenty of attention for doing what you’d like for him to do (picking out and putting on the clothes).  Some type of visual aide may be helpful in this case.  You might try a “getting ready” checklist that he can use to help him stay on task with all of the tasks involved in getting ready in the morning. The checklist could consist of either written instructions or even just pictures of the relevant tasks.  This may allow you to step back on how much you need to supervise him (and how much attention he gets when he’s slow) and provide a more neutral format for directions from you.  For example, you could praise him for what he’s already completed on his checklist, and then prompt him to look at his checklist and see what he needs to do next.

Good luck.
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