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My 6 1/2 yr old was abused in utero by his biological mother at 26 weeks gestation via an attempted suicide using multiple neurological meds. He was born at 33 wks gestation and has had problems since birth. In the past his he has been diagnosed with macrocephaly, lumbar filium (sp?) tether, hydrocephaly (mild) as well as multiple developmental delays. In the past 2 yrs added to those have been semantic pragmatic disorder and ADHD by a behavioral specialist and is treated with Adderall 7.5 mg twice a day in the am and at 12 noon.
A recent yearly trip to his neurologist and a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome was added to the mix because of his being super intelligent but having the social skills and common sense of a flea.
A trip this past week to the behavioral specialist and he states PDD-NOS rather then Asperger's although I have done reserach on Aspergers and this child fits the symptoms for Aspergers. I was given the info to contact CARD for help with him.
In order to get some real help with the behavioral issues of this child I need one of these Drs to give me a TRUE DX. He is very hard to deal with and there is a lack of resources in my area. In fact, his specialists are all over a two hr drive from my home.

Any idea on who I can contact to get help with my young one. He has a slightly older brother ( 9 mos and 9 days) that has his own set of problems with ADHD and possibly bi polar. These boys were born as my paternal grandsons but have been with me most of their lives and have been legally adopted by me. There is a long family history of mental illness on the side of my ex daughter in law.
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