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Sexual curiosity and autistic children

Not sure what my question really is....I'm just pondering what and how exactly to approach my 6 yo with an ASD.  The other day, I had a friend and her daughter over.  Well, as we were sitting around and yapping, Amanda went to go check on her daughter (they were in my son's room), and she came back screaming and about horrified upon walking in on both of them check out each others private parts.  This would be my first incidence of dealing with this with my son.  She had her daughter in tears and the little girl was screaming "I'm sorry!".  I for one was without a thing to say. What do you say?  I know kids are curious and will do this, as it is a natural thing...but how do you explain that to a child with autism.  My son is able to talk a little, as well as understand (with the ability like a 2-3 year old).

Not too long ago, my husband came back from driving off the road for good.  Well, in his little box of stuff that he brought off the truck was a movie that apparently he kept inside an X-box case.  Guess who found it?  I had been in the kitchen cooking dinner and looked in on him, as it was a little too quiet.  And there he was laid back and  watching this little flick, and i don't know how long.  It had just been a few minutes since i saw him go back to his room with that 'game' in hand.  
Of course we have removed the movie since then.  But Im just worried about what kind of impact it could have made on him.  It's just not that simple to just have a conversation with him, so what DO i do??  Should I watch for more behavior and how do i approach him?  I don't want to alienate him from my friends' children just because of the fact that he has become more curious, but I don't want to go through what happened the other day(in the first paragraph). Help!!!!!
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Children do get curious about their and other peoples bodies.
I have a 7.5 year old son with autism.  He also has a speech disorder, but his level of understanding is age appropriate.  
Does your son see you and your husband naked?  Does he have any brothers or sisters?  
My son started by asking some questions about his body and how it was different to mine.  I just answered his questions as simply as I could without going into too much detail.
We also keep alot of animals eg. chickens, ducks, goats etc.  So he does see them 'in the act' quite often, and I have told them that they are 'making babies'.
He did ask about how babies are made a few months back.  So I gave a brief explanation of 'how' a baby is made.  My son looked at me and said "I'm not doing that with you, you can ask Daddy."  That misunderstanding was so funny.  So I had to quickly explain that he only would do that when he was grown up and he would only do it with someone he wanted to.
How about if you start by talking with him about the names of body parts in general and what they do.  Then you could talk about the difference between girls and boys.  Then just build on that information as and when it arises.  Afterall at 6 years old it is perfectly acceptable for him to be naked on the beach or in the back garden paddling pool etc.  
You might find a picture book would be useful.  As your child has autism, can one of the professionals involved with him recommend one.  You will also have to teach him that only him, mum and dad can touch him in that place, unless it is someone mum or dad say it is okay with such as a doctor.
If his curiosity is causing him to take this kind of interest in other children or people.  Then it will be down to him not understanding what is socially appropriate, or he may need to see that every girl is different or every boy is the same as him.  You can use social stories to tell him what is appropriate and what isn't.
But in this instance I suspect it was probably your friends child who was the instigator as it is usually autistic children that are manipulated rather than the other way around.
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