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Sleep Disorders & Poor Motor Function

My daughter is 5.3 years old. Since birth, she has trouble sleeping and starting having seizures during sleep. A wide spectrum of medicines have been used over the years without any lasting progress.

Her EEG, MRI and Sleep Apnea test and even extended Video EEG are all clear.

She started walking at the age of 2.5, but still has problem climbing stairs. Only one step at a time.

Holding small plastic pans or pouring from a mug is difficult for her. She has only now started to carry her things to the rack for stacking. Previously she would avoid walking around and prefer lying on floor even in her class.

She had severe squint in her eyes possibly over 40 OT. This condition was corrected through surgery nearly 8 months ago. This has improved her learning since then.

However, her motor functions remain poor and the seizures continue in nights. Even 4 - 5 episodes a night. For days she is without any episodes and then she has multiple episodes in a night, and now even while awake.

However, she has NEVER urinated during her seizure NOR there is any frothing from her mouth.

The local doctors have not been able to reach a conclusion. Three months ago they suggested she might have Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (Left Side).

for the past 6 months, she is NOT taking any medicine for epilepsy, and for very odd reason the frequency of the episodes has reduced. Now there are gaps of 2 - 5 days between episodes.

I will be grateful if some guidance can be provided. As I am now fearful of her life prospects.
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First off, I would ignore Atto786's comment.  The book referenced is full of unsubstantiated information about dubious interventions.

You mention sleep and seizure problems.  The best place for you to get answers to those questions would be at the sleep forum:

Or the MedlinePlus site on sleep disorders:

Sleep apnea:


These sites provide professionally screened information about assessment, diagnoses, and interventions.

Best of luck.
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A great book to read that has info similar to what your girl is going through is : Louder than Words by Jenny McCarthy.
I'm sure each childs condition is different but have you ever thought about adding supplements, Vit B-12, probiotic, Fisl oil, Whole food vitamins etc. Our American Food industry is loaded with chemically altered stuff which also does play a major role in these so called for neurological disorders in kids thesedays.
Three websites to look into with great info are :

Inshah-Allah with Allah's blessings things should work out better.
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