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Teen with possible Asperger

My teen son was (kind of) diagnosed with high functioning Asperger's when he was 4 yrs of age. The doc put him through many test and after that just said that he would be fine, but he needed to go to speech. He did this for 7 years and still speaks with the same - r is difficult. He has always been different (a great kid!) walking at 8 mos., saying words early, reading right at 4 yrs., very into history, trivia and can name most of the songs and what movies they appeared in. He has never been able to have a friend longer than a few months - he introduces people and they go off and stop associating with him. He has to have everything fairly in order, likes to know what I plan to feed him the day before - very aggressive in sports and good, but coaches just don't choose him and say, he'd be better on another team??? He is adopted and I have never been able to have a male (uncle, pastors, friends etc.) to take a true interest in him - they say he ask odd questions and makes them feel stupid. At church they stopped allowing him to participate in the Bible Challenge verses because he got them all correct and usually without studying. High School has been hard because he wants to be involved, but girls call and then stand him up and post it on internet like it is a joke. He does not have a desire to drive - took course. He wants a job but after interviewing he always gets no. He has just stopped trying to go forward - he does not care which school he attends - before the interviews they are all yes and after interviews it is try back in a year or two. He has a 3.76 GPA and high SAT/ACT scores - always been in the band and 100's of hours of community volunteering. What can I do? Help please.
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I think this is less a diagnosis issue and more of an issue with seeking out help for your son in the areas in which he struggles.  There are many, many people who struggle with making and maintaining relationships or in the area of personal communication.  These are skills that can be worked on and real progress can be made.  If you are worried about this, seek out a professional with experience in this area and make it a priority.
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