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Treat TICS--natural alternatives for Risperdal?

I have a family member that has a pervasive Tic.
He is having uncontrollable throat clearing due to
Aspergers and taking Vyvanse. He was on Risperdal
but we had to D/C due to signs of Tardive Dyskenesia.
We prefer natural alternatives such as Neuroscience Neurotransmitter
supplements or amino acids. I researched that Risperdal is a Dopamine blocker.
Doesn't that limit a persons sense of well being when taken?At any rate
Risperdal and Anti Psychotics are no longer an option.
What do you recommend?
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Although tic disorders may occur in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders, they are not part of the defining features of the diagnoses. Also, Risperdal may produce flattened affect as a side effect. In any case, I recommend that the treatment of the tic be overseen by a neurologist with expertise treating tics of the sort your family member is exhibiting. Treatment of involuntary movements of this sort can be tricky and I won’t get into particular suggestions here. The key is to find a doctor who can closely supervise the case and make adjustments in medication as needed.  
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