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What condtion/s do I have?

I'm 18 years old. What condition/s would describe my symptoms:

- Attention disorder; sometimes in band class,  my section is not playing their instruments at that time, my teacher
then tells us all to play, and I am sorta slow about picking up my saxophone and playing it and I have to be reminded to play by my teacher.
- Low vividness of mental images/imagination
- thinks in words and not pictures(subvocalization)
- I'm a nonsocial person
- Only talks when something relates to my interests(I am musical and I play saxophone in band and i play piano, I am a computer person and might want to go into computer graphics or programming. I hardly watch television although I used to watch it a lot. I'm interested in memory and psychology and how the brain works.
- I can sometimes play all day on the computer or the piano, but usually its back and forth
- I don't exercise at my age although I should
- a skiny person
- I'm a senior in high school
-  I have a washing hands disorder where I am scared of germs.
- Can do well in school if I want to, but sometimes has to get in the habit of doing well
- good at spelling and reading words and writing my own stuff, but bad at story comprehension and I only like to read nonfiction
-  can not understand really long long sentences, especially if they don't relate to me at all, especially because the absence of good/quality visual images.  Can understand short sentences.
- writes a lot especially on forums and often uses the internet as my sole information source and doesn't read books very much. I usually ask questions about specific topics and sometimes questions about school, memory, piano, music, exercise, etc...
-takes vitamins daily and omega 3 and enjoys health food, but my mom buys a bunch of **** from the store like cookie dough, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream. My mom also buys fruits, but not vegetables so much, and she buys nuts, and she buys bread, and buys meat and potatoes.
- eats mostly bread

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