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advice please

Hi I ave 3 boys ad youngest has asd. Im currently preg with number 4. Ive been witb my partner 12 yrs. This baby was planned but didnt realise how exhausting early preg can be. And with my autistic son its very demandin. Im afraid of him hurtin me when he has a melt down as he doesnt understand that im pregnant. I find it hard most days as he can be hard work and I dnt get much family support. I just wonder if anyone else underdtands how I feel x
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Many families find themselves in similar situations and there are professionals who can help.  Be in communication with the school about the problems you are having and get in touch with a board certified behavior analyst in your area (the Behavior Analysis Certification Board website has a search function you can use).  Aggression and tantrums can be effectively treated and the earlier treatment is initiated, the better the prognosis for success.  
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