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agitation on buspar and zyprexa

My son is on the autistic spectrum and is 29 years old.  He is on 10 mg of zyprexa and has been on that for several years.  He has also been taking buspar.  He was on 30 mg/day with 3 10 mg doses and it was recently increased to 40 mg/ day.  After a week or so on tge increase of buspar we saw a noticeable improvement in his mood.  He had become increasingly more stressed and somewhat agitated over time but with the increase in buspar was so much more relaxed and happy.  Unfortunately that did not last and his mood is back to the way it was before the increase.  It has only been a few months since the buspar was increased.  I dont know what to do now....Ive been wanting to take him off the zyprexa for a long time.  I just dont know what to do to help him...he may have movement disorder also as he always has to be moving whether its his feet or tapping his hand or pacing.   He also recently said he had a bad dream.  Ultimately I would love to be able to get him off meds and treat him with complementary methods but most if all want him to be happy.
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