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hello, my cousin has a 4 year old son that I am concerned about. I am not too familiar with the signs of autism, & i would like to know if he is showing any signs & if so, how to approach them about the situation & encourage them to take their son to a doctor.
my main concern is his speech he has a very noticeable speech problem, he does not talk in sentences, he talks in at least two or three words. and he still talks as if he's a toddler. for instance when he wants juice he says "uice" or water is "wawa" he has a bit of a temper and throws tantrums. when he doesn't want to do something his parents ask him to, he will begin to hit them. he is also having trouble potty training. A far from his speech, I know my other concerns seem average  for kid to get upset & want to hit and pout around, but he also isolates himself, he's not very social, & doesn't play with other kids.
please let me know if my concerns may sound like autism or anything else.
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I recommend that a child should be assessed if there are any concerns whatsoever.  I can't tell from your description if an autism-spectrum diagnosis would be appropriate but it sounds like the child would definitely benefit from some training on articulation, toilet training, and treatment for the aggression.  These are all issues that can be addressed and the success rate for treatment is very high.  I recommend getting in touch with a speech and language pathologist and certified behavior analyst to discuss the case.
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