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does my son have aspergers ?

My son is 30 months old and has been struggling recently in social/group situations. I recently took him to a teddy bears picnic he had a complete meltdown, wouldn't interact with other was very distressed and this seems to happen at any group settings. My son has fantastic speech and is always commented on how well he speaks and often told he speaks posh :D he can repeat any word and sentance said to him straight away and will remember them. He loves toy cars and will line them up all day perfectly straight they have to be all going in the same direction and gets incredibly upset if they are knocked out of line or put away he can also tell me every car model and colour he has.i took him to a mums and tots and of course they was a box of cars and i couldn't remove him from these cars he was lining them all up and was really distraught when it was time to tidy up. My son does not play well with other children at all, only if they want to play cars but he has to choose them a car and they can not disturb his line. He loves routine and gets upset when we mess up the routine. Hates loud noises, hand dryers are the worst will scream and scream and power drills .he is very bright and knows the alphabet and count to 15 and knows all his primary colours and all common nursery rhymes.as for motor skills he would trip over his own shadow, didnt crawl til 1 yr old and walked at 18 months.I would really like to know if you think he has aspergers, so I can help manage his meltdowns and understand him better. We are very proud of him he is extremely gifted x
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The recommendation that I always give is that parents should have their children assessed by a qualified professional if they have any concerns.  Your pediatrician should be able to recommend someone in your area.  It sounds like you have a wonderful, bright son and the types of behavioral episodes you describe are not uncommon in typically developing children.  If you feel like he could benefit from some help, though, absolutely seek it out.  The diagnosis is often the first step toward finding services that children benefit from, but the diagnosis is really just a means toward this end.  You will need to be your son's strongest advocate, don't hesitate to seek help for him if you believe he needs it.
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