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feeling lost and hopeless

My daughter was diagnose with mild autism and II feel like I am constantly fighting for her to get therapy evaluation etc just anything that can help.I am in the process of getting her into early intervention school but when the decision was made they said she could wait till sept and be in a 20students class.   After the decision I ask if they saw doctors paper stating my daughters diagnose and they said they never got anything from her doctor.The school psycologist monitor her in a class with20 kids and my daughter was scare rocking in the chairfeeling out of place and just extremely uncomfortable.  I have to go back on monday for another meeting and hopefully this time they will consider a better decision ffor her.
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I empathize with your situation and the facts are, frankly, that you will always be fighting to make sure that she gets the best therapy, treatments, assessments, and education.  I believe every parent with a child with special needs knows exactly how you feel.  It ends up being on your shoulders to be the strongest advocate for your daughter and this can often be frustrating and overwhelming.  Don't give up, don't get discouraged, be demanding, keep up those calls and emails until you feel that she is getting what she needs.  I also suggest you look into local support groups of other parents in similar situations, they can be very helpful and it can be nice to touch base with a network of folks who are going through the same things you are.
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