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how do i understand without being overwhelmed?

Recently my 3yr old son's pediatrition has sent a refferal for him to go to a specialist for arspergers testing....I feel lost on how to help my son, he displays MANY autistic behaviors that I have read about. I don't know much except what I've read online.. he is such a sweet boy and I'm nervous for the testing, for him as well as for myself and my husband.... we really don't want him to be diagnosed with this but the more we read and the more we learn about symptoms the more we realize he most likely will be.... I'm beggining to feel overwhelmed, which is no help to me OR my son who needs his strong mommy. How can I help him?
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Your first move, and the best thing for him, is to have him assessed by a trained professional.  The diagnosis is nothing more than a word, your son is still your son and it won't change who he is.  Don't be afraid of it and don't stall.  If he needs help, the most important thing is to get started giving him a hand early and the diagnosis is a first step in that direction.
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