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humming words

My 2 year old grandson could hum the entire song of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at a year old.  However, at age two, he just hums his words...  He understands verbal directions such as "Bring me the shoe."  "Put the shoe on the table." and follows through.  He points to the correct picture in a picture book when asked a question such as "Where is the dog?"  If I give him a cookie he hums "thank you".  If I ask him what he wants to drink, orange juice or milk?  He hums either two syllables or one...... If I intentionally give him the wrong drink he lets me know by shaking his head, waving the drink away, and humming "no no".
The only words he speaks out loud are Daddy and Momma.  The enunciation of Daddy is very clear.... Da-dee!  I'm called Guggie (Gug gee) and he has said that but prefers to call me Momma.  I enticed him all day once to say "Bye-bye" because when saying goodbye to his mother in the morning he hummed bye-bye but said Momma out loud..... at the end of the day he looked at me and said very clearly "bye-bye" out loud (with a grin I might add)!  Now I am wondering if there is a problem or if he is just messing with me!  I have him with me 10 hours a day while his parents work, along with his 4 year old sister.  She speaks for him quite often and pretty much understands what he wants.  Perhaps he just doesn't really have to speak so he doesn't?  
I'm not a professional but other than this he seems to be developing normally......  he can sort objects by shape, then resort by color when asked to.  He plays very well on his own and with others.
I've just never experienced the "humming words" thing that he does and since I do spend so much time with him, I prefer that it be quality time, giving him what he needs and if he needs more help I'd like to know what direction to go in and if anyone else has ever experienced something like this.  Thank you so much!
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