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is my 2 year old son has sign of autism?

He doesnt speak, only "dada", dede'..baby talk, babbly..he is hyper when he watch his favorite movie, he always jump. now, he love to climb on the center table and jumping and playing, everytime he transfer from chair to center table he will tool on us, it seems he's happy showing us that he can do it. when we try to stop him, he will smile and he will still continue doing it. he played hide and seek, peak-a-boo and jumping on bed and playing with us covering our bodies with blanket. he replied baby talk everytime we talk to him while drinking milk and lying on bed. he know how to feed himself with spoon but still helping him to put on his mouth but he can do it, its just the food will drop on the floor. if we want him to sit and behave, we will give him ice cream and he really love it. he respond to his name when i called him and he's happy and smiling when he loot me and he will gesture for me to carry him. when we neglect him, he will run to the room and he will cry. he used to wear pajamas everytime he will go outside, so when i put him his short, he refused and cried, so i put him his pajama and he's ok for that because he know that we are going outside. but everytime when we are outside, he doesnt focus on what we are telling hi, cos he is busy looking around. is it normal?please help
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From what I can tell, what you describe could be any active 2-year old.  However, if you have any concerns, definitely have him assessed.  Early intervention is one of the best predictors for success, so don't hesitate to seek out a qualified professional to examine him to see if a diagnosis would be appropriate.
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