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is this what I think and how to deal

My 5 yr old son is a bright loving little boy he gives kisses and hugs like to color and math he helps me and had interests in toys and movies shows interest in toy commercials and expresses he wants what he sees...he can write his first and LSAT name and knows his ABCs he asks to go to the bathroom out If he'd Hungry he'll tell me..showers himself and goes to bed with 3 kisses a tickle tickle and a goodnight I love you sweet dreams...that's my son but the problem is yes he likes to color and draw but obsessively...certain toys are am obsession sharing toys big issue.....when getting ready for school I have to hand him each article of clothing tell him how to put it on in the see I have to watch him wash and tell him how to do it every night....he makes weird noises and doesn't realize exactly how loud he gets.. The wrist is to come...this is his 3rd week of school (kindergarten) I have Peru much received a phone call everyday about his misbehaving in school he won't sit on the carpet with other kids sing songs with the other kids participate not a option he just won't do it he just wants to do what he wants runs around classroom they have special rules for him in if he's good he gets 5 mind to play w the numbers while other kids are learning....I already had a meeting with the guidance counsler social worker principal speech therapist special Ed therapist his teacher and an intern about what we could do to help him be more involved for one and to see about getting him evaluated BC they noticed that though my son if the youngest in the class academically he's more advanced then the other kids such add his math skills are phenomenal and he's the only kid in class that can write his first and last name and even though alt of it had to do w me giving him my own version of at homework along w home work from school but he catches on real quick but its easy for me to teach him BC its one on one....they were concerned also BC he sometimes talks in a3rd person like"Coley behave" or "Coley had"and the biggest thing is he didn't make direct eye contact i'm trying to tell him Cole plz participate in class please sit on the rug with the other kids do your work and he yesses me to death I an not w his father I am in a relationship WA great guy who wants my son to succeed I have a20 month old and lodes kinda up side down right now..I basically would like to know what do I do to help him pay attention and participate at school
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