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my boyfriends family are idiots!

my boyfriend has an almost 7yr old son.  i stated to myboyfriend that i think his son has a mild form of autism or some other neurological disorder because of the following behaviors...*he always talks very loud*does not respon to you when calling his name,always so focused,ive thought he could b deaf for a long time*still has to wear a pullup at night because everynight he wets the bed*shows no emotion when he hurts someone or when someone gets hurt*is very bad in school when interacting with other children*constantely swallows air but doesnt do it 2 burp,he says he cnt stop it*walks on his tiptoes*walks with his elbows at his sides with wrists bend down*etc. The kids mother is a moron and tells me he is just acting like a normal 7yr old boy! His grandparents thnk hes fine but my whole family noticed that somethng wasnt right for awhile and my one sis is a teacher and thnks he has aspergers. Heres the icing on the cake,to top it all off yesterday after i got home from wk my 6yr old daughter tells me that justin(the 7yrold) pulled down his pants and showed her his privates and was laughing and smiling(this kid always smiles and laughs even when he is getting punished) then she tells me he was pulling down her shirt and told her to take off her underware! And justins mom says he is just acting like a normal 7yr old!What? I dnt knw any 7yr old boys that act like that! So then my daughter says he told her 2 take off her underware one other time b4! I felt sick to my stomach,my boyfriend/his father told him that was discusting and wrong. Justin still went on that everythng was ok. So does ths sound like a mental issue or just a monster kid that doesnt care about anything?
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