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what are the chances??? for d/s??????

Ok so I went for my ultrasound this week (I'm 19weeks due on July 3, 2014) and they told me I'm having a bby boy :D I'm excited... but then the lady told me that something came up on the ultrasound on one of the bbys kidney she said it had fluid and was bigger than the other kidney , but not worry that it was common in a lot of bby boys that it could be nothing but then again something.. she also said there was a spot of calcium on my bbys heart that that also could within the next few weeks, she everthing else was good that my blood test came also good and that that wasz a good thing.. so she sent me the next day to a genetic councillor and that she would be able to explain it better to me and my fiance..

the councillor was really nice, she was taking notes looked at my blood test and sed that was good I explained to her my background info.and fiance info. She sed the chances of my baby having down syndrome were very low 1% in 11375 chance due to the blood test and she didn't see any inherited risk of that also but that anything can happen as well as in that soft marks could go away to where might not.. she ask wat if my bby did have d/s I would I wanna do I said I would still want to have my bby she said ok good cause you have the option of the animo but that it could be a risk of miscarriage i honestly don't like that idea I don't want to risk my bbys life like that either... I've read on there internet that women end up having perfectly healthy bbys and its just a matter of time that these soft marks go away..

I pray more now for my bby to be a healthy and in good conditions i have alot of faith in god So please if anybody has anything similer to this please I would really like to hear yur story, and if yuh had yur bby already I would also like to read how yur bby doing now..

god bless all mommys to be and their bbys <3
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