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worried my son is autistic

He is 3 and has only a few words. Stop, no, go and mama. The rest is intelligible babble which he does 99% of the time. Whether he is playing with us or by himself he is constantly babbling and making noises. Sometimes he will say something to you that is complete nonsense and he acts like he really said something meaningful.

When you show hom pictures of things he points and says the word but most of the time it doesn't come out right.  For example  banana is nana   Car is cahh bottle is buh buh, daddy is dahdeh, etc.

He mostly communicates by pointing or bringing us something or leading us to it. If he can't reach or if he is pointing towards a place where there are a lot of things ( like the firdge ) we have to hold out stuff until we get it right. He will say no and shake his head and when we get it right he says ''yeah!''.

If he wants to be held he claps his hand and lifts up his arms towards you.

He understands a lot of what you tell him and follows instructions but he can only anwser questions when the answer is no. I noticed somedays he will understand what you are saying and then the next he doesn't, then the next he understands again. I don't know why that is.

He responds to your name almost always. But I have noticed he sometime pauses before turning around.  Like, I would call his name and instead of immediately turning his head it would take him a second or two before turning around.

He waves.

He looks you in the eyes when ''saying'' something or you are talking to him, but it I grab his head and put my face in front of his he will advert his eyes after 3 or 4 seconds.

He points. He follows your point. He follows your gaze. He knows when you are angry, happy, etc. He returns smiles, imitates, etc
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While it's difficult to give a diagnosis from a description alone, if you have concerns, have your son assessed.  Your pediatrician should be able to refer you to a professional in your area with the expertise needed to assess your son for a diagnosis.  This is often the first step toward receiving services, so the sooner this is done, the better.
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I try to read books with him but he is only interested for a short while before he wants to move on to something else. Same with movies/tv.

He plays with us by chasing, wrestling, tickling, and hand clap games. He likes to play catch and basket ball.

He does try to get our attention with his activity.  

A lot of times he brings us things like a toy car or some other object and gives it to us while ''talking''. I don't know what he wants us to do with it  usually because I have no idea what he is trying to say unless it's something obvious like a ball. He often wants to share his food with us. He takes his spoon or whaever it is he is eating and holds it to our mouths going ''ahhh'' (open). Sometimes he will go  and get food when he isn't even eating and tries to feed us, not wanting to eat himself I don't know why he does that .If we accept his offer he goes ''Mmmmm yum''

When he does something he is proud of he  looks at us and claps his hands going ''yaaay!''. If we do something he likes ( like making a basket while plaing basketball) he will either cap and say yay or gives us a high five. Mostly he just claps, though.

Are these  joint attention?

The thing is he is very hyperactive. He cannot sit still. He is constantly on the go. Running, jumping playing very loudly. He babbles to himself very loudly and is always squealing and laughing loudly while doing this. He likes to run a lot. Sometimes he will run back and forth through the living room and wont stop until he is asked to or he is out of breath. This is the only repetitive behavior he has.

He also likes to climb things. The stairs, furniture, etc. Once he used a crutch leaning against a bookshelf as a ladder to get some candy I put on the top. If he wants it he'll find a way to climb if I won't give it to him.  I have read this is a symptom...

I don't know how he is socially. His social interaction with others has been extremely limited. He doesn't know anyone his age. Except for a cousin he has been around a couple of times, he has never been around another child. He did seem to take an interest his cousin though.  He doesn't meet strangers often. I think when he had his preschool eval a few weeks ago, that was his first time meeting someone new in many many months. Or actually, seeing anyone besides me, my So and my farther in months. My S.O and I mostly keep to ourselves.  He is shy and I am also shy. It is aso hard for me to find friends because I  can't relate to most people my age ( 24 ) but  I can't relate to older mothers, either. This has led me to be very isolated and after being isolated for so long I am finding it very difficult to go out and make new friends... I am wondering if this might be aprt of our son's problem.

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was diagnosed with ADHD when I was around 5. I want very, very, very  hyperactive and have been on meds since I was five minus a couple of years when I went off them. I had very poor coordination. I had to have occupational  because I had trouble holding pencils and with other fine motor skills. I was also clumsy and I still am very clumsy to this day. I bump in to things, drop things, etc. Sometimes I slightly lose my balance when just walking. I can't hit a baseball, when I try to kick a ball I often will miss even when the ball is still.... I also have very poor handwriting.... I always thought this was du to my ADHD but now that I am seeing that something is wrong with my son I am wondering if there is something else wrong with me...
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He will be receiving ot and st at a preschool soon.

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