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Is A feeding tube really needed?

My doctors finally agreed that I need a feeding tube, but the problem is I've been kind of obsessed with them for 4 years now prior to my current issues. I have a lot of GI issues and a lot of sensory issues with food. I prefer blended and pureed food and liquids. However with MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome), most of the foods I like to have are high histamines. I am supposed to be on a low histamine diet, and I can only stand a little bit of those foods sensory wise(the taste is the the problem).  The foods I like to have are high in histamines and do cause GI symptoms like vomiting and stomach pain. But, I don't know if its just in my head and that I can maintain a pureed and liquid diet instead of a feeding tube, or that I feeding tube is needed and I've been obsessed with the feeding tubes cause it's something I need, and not just want, to make my life easier?

It's complicated because at night i get so hungry that I binge eat, which makes me really sick to my stomach in the end, and it's not good. So, I was the one who suggested to the the doctors about the feeding tube. Because I thought it would make my life easier and would stop the binging at night because I would be getting fed enough through the tube. They did agree to it, but I'm getting scared about it being put in.... im very confused? Is it really necessary or is it in my head?
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