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16 month old not responding to name


My son is about to be 16 months in 9 days. My wife and I have become concerned because he does not respond to his name all the time. Sometimes we call his name and he looks at us and goes back to playing with his toys, but is not very consistent. Overall, he is a very active baby, loves to walk, climb stairs, makes eye contact 80% of the time, smiles at us, when we point at something he looks at what are we pointing to, he follows some instructions, he imitated us a lot (especially when we sing wheels on the bus, clapping or head, shoulder, knees, and toes). We have failed him because since he was a baby, we will put the TV a lot for him, I am talking about hours while we work instead of playing with him, we recently cut off the TV completely, so not sure if that is affecting his attention span. Something we have noticed is sometimes the way he plays with his cubes, he puts them in the chair, not line up but puts it in the same place every time, he will interact with us and he will take the cubes and bring them to us and look at us while we say "Thank you" then he takes them back. I have not noticed any other symptoms. He says mama, ok, and sometimes papa but not very consistent either. We have an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow to get an evaluation but I just wanted to know the experiences of other parents that went to something similar.

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Hi there.  Our kids sure give us a lot of worry.  What did the doctor say?  Now, I do believe many kids develop at their own rate.  He sounds on track for physical milestones.  And often if a little one is advanced in that area, the area of communication is a bit slower.  I have a son who has something called sensory processing disorder. This can look very different in different kids.  My son has some auditory processing issues.  So, for him . . . sound is such that it all blends.  I talk and he hears it as the same volume of the wheels on his car moving.  All the same.  So, he may look like he doesn't 'hear' me but I'm just muffled amongst the noise. An occupational therapist diagnosed him. We had his hearing checked first.  Anyway, let me know what the doctor said!!
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