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2 years old doesn't talk, wave, point

My son is 23 months and he had never said one word. His babble are not rich in consonants.
He doesn't wave and he does point but with whole hand while looking at me and at the objet back and forth. He imitates clapping,  smiling or laughing, and jumping. That's about it.

He is very advanced in gross motor, can run, jump on one foot, come up stairs and down...etc..  
He pretends play feeding me sometimes and himself. He plays with playmobiles. He goes to daycare and he is fine with other kids. He may have some separation anxiety but calm down quickly. He eats well,  sleeps well, doesn't like to be alone, likes to play peek a boo and any other toy with me. He does point at images in books for me to tell the word but use my finger to point at it...

He does understand very simple 2 steps instructions like close the door and push the chair, take your shoes and give it to me, give it to me and give me a hug, he understands give me as long as the object is already in his hands, otherwise, he won't go get the object,  unless it's shoes.
He understands everyday objects use and can imitate very well everyday tasks.
But he stims a lot when he sees light or hears music, hand flapping, and when he can't get what he wants he bangs his head. He never did a meltdown. He calms down very quick.

He seems to be a little obsess with water.  But that's the only obsession, if it is an obsession ?

He sees early intervention but they say he is too young to diagnosis anything like autism.
What do you think about my son behavior ?
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Hi, you're on a the right path. I don't believe that he is too young to be evaluated. Find a different doctor. Best of luck!
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You are on the right track! This was my son 2 yrs ago. I would insist on finding a different doctor or psychologist to evaluate him. My son was 25 months old and was diagnosed, so a couple months older but close enough. State your case and be persistent…if you think he is struggling in any area, then go with ur gut. The sooner u know, you will feel relief of simply knowing, now you can better navigate this journey. Take care
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Did you have to get a referral or did you just keep on it yourself?
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Hi there.  LOts of positives with your son!  that's great!! He is still very young.  That he is understanding and following directions is awesome.  Playing with other children at daycare, also great.  Good motor skills, also great.  When kids have things like sensory integration and autism, they are often quite clumsy as well.  All motor function can be affected by neurological issues which is called motor planning dysfunction.  So, all of this is a really good sign.  That your son also had some hearing issues says a lot too.  

My suggestion is to read to your son often, have him watch your mouth when you talk.  You can play a game with face muscles that aids in speech where you put on music and they move their face all around, like tongue to inside of right cheek, make funny faces, etc. and then turn music off and freeze and hold, repeat.  It strengthens face muscles and mouth muscles used for speech.  Have him run his tongue around the outside of his lips.  Have him point tongue straight out, move up with it, move down, move side to side.  All help with speech.  There is an excellent program called 'speechercize".  It's a dvd program you play on stereo (maybe it is in I tunes these days, I don't know)---  but it really helps with songs that kids love and having them exercise the speech muscle, start making sounds, etc.  

In about a year, I'd expect you'll see a lot of progress.  If you do not, then around 3 years, you can do a speech eval but I'm doubting you'll need it. good luck
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I forgot to say. He had a mild hearing loss since birth and just got fixed a month ago. Still not talking through...
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