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6 yr old boy, autistic co-sleeping with parents, how to transition to his own bed?

My son is 6 years old with Autism. He doesn't speak but he makes noises. Sometimes very loud noises. The issue I am having, we have been co sleeping for about two years now. I have tried several times to try and transition him to his own bed but its always a failure. He screams, cry's, has tantrums. It is so exhausting I end up putting him back in my bed. I am at a lose to what to do to get him in his own bed?
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Ah, know this is a problem for parents with typical kids too.  Seeping is a habit and when you are used to sleeping with someone, it's hard to all of a sudden change. And if you have something like autism where you have communication issues, it's even harder. Does he understand what you say to him?  In autism, they often use pictures to help.  Picture of your room and his room to illustrate things.  Does he have a therapist?  I'm assuming he has different sorts of therapy including occupational therapist.  Can you get their help on how to present this?  

That he has had tantrums and bad reactions and this has worked in the past to get him back in your room, expect a valiant effort for this same end result on his part.  He WILL up the ante to get back in your room.  That's what ALL kids do.  He had behavior in the past that was hard to deal with . . .  and you caved. He has this nugget of knowledge.  

What made you bring him into your room 2 years ago?
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Hello  SpecailMom,
He understands most of what we say to him. Yes, we use pictures and ASL for communication. Yes, he has lots of Therapies.  My son grandson we adopted. His mother is unable to take care of her children so we took them. My son was born at 24 week. His mother was in a car accident. He was in the hospital for 15 months and when he came home he was on machines. He had a trach so he had a breathing vent. As the years when by he got better and better. The doctor decided after several test to take his trach out and see how he does.  He did great. Now he is 6 years old and doing wonderful Medically. The hard part during the removal of the trach, my son had a open whole in his neck. I had to watch it, so instead of going in his room I brought him to mine. I know, big mistake. He ended up with a infection. The treatment was surgery. During all this he slept in my bed so I could keep him close. When the time came to put him back in his bed he wouldn't stay. He would sleep for maybe a hour or so then wake screaming and crying to get in my bed. I tried to keep him in his bed but since I was taking care of my ill mother at the time, sleep was rare, which means I would give in. Now her we are and he will not sleep in his bed. I am at a lose to what to do?
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