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Any one try stem cells for autism?

I have a 4 year old autistic son and we are taking him to panama in July sor stem cell treatment and I was just wondering if anyone on here has tried this. I have talked to many families already who have done it.
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Hi  you may find more input if you go to the Autism Forum many good folks there ..go back to the forums page and browse through , Autism is there ..good luck I wish all the help you can get for your son .....
Can you tell me what is the difference between the place we have in the U.S. like NSI stem cell and places outside us.  They don't do the same treatment?
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HI Majikat,

There is something I wanted to add that I recently found out about Autism, (which hopefully someone has posted in the Autism forum)

Recently (according to the news and the journal Nature publication) Doctors and Scientists have discovered a genetic link to Autism, where they observed in several tested patients that there is a gene mutation in the form of duplicated or missing bits of DNA.  This is ground breaking news because now knowing that there is a genetic connection, the scientists say they can ramp up their research and that it will now lead to development of treatments for this disease.

On your question, I personally have read about Stem Cells being used for Genetic abnormalities, but there is insufficient proof that it works, and there is still a lot of controversy behind it.  There is a doctor who is performing stem cell transplants for Down syndrome, and there are a few testimonials to credit the transplants as successful.  You would have to do your own research on this topic though, I think there are quite a number of people/doctors that report that it works, and then many who say it doesn't.

Anyway, I hope that you have been able to get some further answers by visiting the Autism Community.

Good luck, and if you have any other questions that I can help you with, please feel free to message me directly.

Sandi (Dragon1973)
MedHelp Genetics Community Leader;
Down syndrome Community Leader & Ds Group Forum Founder/Moderator
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Thank you foryour reply!!!
I have done much of my own research on the stem cell treatment for autism....I seen that it didn't help a lot to improve down syndrome, I don't remember exactly what the reason is but it has a 75% success rate with autism and an even bigger success for MS patients. It's remarkable what they have done with it there are people that havnt walked in 10 years that are now taking steps on their own, their are autistic patients that havnt been able to speak who are now using single words and so on.
When I first heard about it I thought it was possibly some kind of scam because if it's done so much good for people than why is it not approved here in canada and the united states? But after almost 2 years of of research I have come to a coclusion that my sons life is worth more than the 20,000 dollars and he deserves to try any method of treatment that shows such promising effects as long as it's safe. But thank you very much for your response I really appreciate it. We are leaving July 10th to embark on this and my nerves are already on edge.... I can't stop thinking of everything bad that could happen from the plane not making it to Hayden getting put out for a short 15 mins makes me super nervous. Thank you again :)
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if you can afford it ..try..you never know
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i cant wait to hear about your exp and results, i hope you see results!
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Well I took Hayden to Panama July 10th-17th over all the procedure is very quick and easy except for the part where they put him to sleep :( which must have been so scary for him... well a week after returning from Panama Hayden started saying colors and counting to 6 and he is now pointing.... his verbal skills have grown an amazing amount.... He is still stimming quite a bit but honestly i am happy with what i have been seeing.... I would have been ecstatic with the smallest bits of improvement but for anyone that has an autistic child would agree that the improvement that i have seen in Hayden is huge. I could never put a price on my sons well being I spent 20 thousand dollars on my son to help and make his life a bit better I would have paid a million to see what i am seeing..... I know that people dont have money for these kinds of treatments but i just want everyone to know that it IS worth a try i know its not guaranteed but its worth a try.... i plan on returning in 2 years for a second and last treatment for Hayden.... as for going to Panama I did not enjoy my time there at all the moment I got there I wanted to leave... I was never able to let hayden walk down the street cause of all the garbage and open holes in the grond and no we did not stay in a run down area.... they do have the biggest malls that I have ever seen.... way bigger than the ones in Toronto which is surprising for such a poor country....  
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I am very interested to hear that this went well for your son. May I ask was it his own stem cells (from his own cord blood) or was it donor stem cells that were transplanted into your son? I have a son on the spectrum myself and this particular procedure is something that we have looked into too but can't really find much info other than on a few experimental studies with a child's own cord blood.
I hope your son continues to make gains.
Best wishes.
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They used donated umbilical stem cells.... There are ways of doing it with stem cells from the childs bone marrow also but it's a lot more invasive I think.... That's how they do it at the place in Germany.... I am very happy with the improvements I have seen In my son I would recomend any one to give it a try
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How is your son doing? I have been researching on this to figure out if this something that would help my 3yrs old daughter who has been diagnosed with autism. She has a lot of GI issues, and feeding issues. Is this therapy available in US?
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It's not available in the states... I had to take him to panama and then I know there are places in china and Germany that do it as well but it depends which approach you want to go with... With the umbilical stem cells there is no graft vs host risk so that was important to me cause as much as I wanted to help him I didn't want to make things worse or make him sick at all

He is doing great he still has a lot of behavior issues with like tantrums and such but his speech is great and thats where I noticed the most improvement days after his treatment... He didn't have any gi issues so I wouldnt be able to comment n that...

The treatment cost us 20 thousand dollars in total with our airfare and condo and we flew from Canada
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Also I want to make clear this is not a cure! He is still very much autistic... He isn't remotely close to where a "normal" child is but his improvements are amazing!
Hi my Grandson has Autism and we are considering stem cell treatment for him PLEASE can you share your Experiance and any advice PLEASE ...
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If you can please send me the info on where u had your son treated. I am very interested in this. Did you go to medistem like Ken Kelly. Please let me know
Thank you
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Can you please share with me how your child is doing now? I plan to go o India to a dr. Who's does this stem cell procedure? My child is 7 and can do many things with guidance but her academics and concentration is very poor. We did Aba but not a significant improvement and I am still looking for a better option that can help my child .
Hi Sadjava  have you done treatment and have you find it usefull?
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how did you get on India and did it work for you?
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Hi Majikat
My 2.10yrs son also recently diagnosed as AUTISTIC .... Autism Spectru Dispoder (ASD) ... He's looking normal except the social communication... I too heard about stem cell treatment at Panama (Stem Cell of America) is this where you have treated you sone or some where else? If so, pls share the details.
With your words I got bit confident and agree that this isn't a cure but it helps him for his social dialy needs...
I sincerely requesting you to share the details of where you have done treatment for your son?
How is him progress now? Did you took him for another session of stem cell treatment or only once?
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May I ask you if the second treatment is for more improvement or after short term after first treatment he goes back to where he was before ?
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We are planing to go Panama by this summer. Please if anybodyels exprinced this treatment share some information with us
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Hi all

I have a grandson with autism and I am concidering stem cell treatment for him if there's anyone who has some experience or advise  with stell cells  could you  kindly contact me this would be most appreciated

Thank you for reading my request

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