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My 14 year old son started a new school where he briefly made some friends. However he now tells me they pick on him a say in the morning "nobody likes you, go away." My son has never had friends really. He also is teased about his intelligence and obsesion with computer games. Could he have Asperger's? He has many symptoms through his life, but has a good imagination, loves novels, and can understand the characters in the novel. ....I think he can relate them to himself eg Harry Potter. He could read at 3 years and is always tops in maths. He was never and independent child when it cam to self care and needs a lot of help too learn how to hold things..eg cutlery,open a can, throw a ball. He had tics with facial habits, is clumsy and has many other symptoms eg doesn't often get involved with other childrens interests, and I've always called him socially imature.He prefers to play with his younger brother only, but now even his brothers friends seem to much for him (3yrs apart). Hes a great kid and think if he was diagnosed, I could get him help with social skills. I'm just not sure.
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I am sorry your son is having issues with bullies.  My experience is very limited with what I can observe with my nephew and with what my sister tells me and she is very private.  She explained that my nephew has Aspergers for certain and she says he is considered high functioning.  Although I must say after reading through these posts he is more likely in the middle as far as his functioning.  He is in a special class at a regular school and he is not a good student as far as reading or math goes, he has ADHD also and finds focusing difficult.  He has an interest in dinosaurs, bugs and animals and can tell you just about anything you want to know about them.  If he is getting teased and I am sure he is because he is clearly different he seems unaware.  He is 12 but he looks 10 and he too seems to prefer the company of younger children although he is content to be by himself also.  

Please read Mozartcowgirl's comments as she seems to be more like your son then my nephew and I am sure she would be much more helpful to you.  I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.  I wish you the best  
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Thanks. I appreciate your time and imput. It's a petty Dinasours can't offer us a future, but perhaps he'll be a biologist.
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Not sure if he has Aspergers, since only a doctor specialist can diagnose that, plus doctor would need lots of info and evaluations done.  My husband had some social issues not fitting in when he was a child, because he was so smart. Got 800 on his math SAT portion.  He did his best to ignore the other kids in school.  My husband is extremely intelligent and was as a child as well.  What the counselors told his parents was to get him into some special interest groups, where smarter kids might be.  He did magic camp a few summers and totally got into that, and he on weekends occasionally did magic shows for toddlers' birthday parties.  The other thing was that they had him socialize more with adults or be a mentor to younger children and less with kids his own age.  He has said he hated growing up as a kid and got teased a lot, but I know once he got to college he really excelled.  I am not sure if my husband had Aspergers, but he totally fits the nerd category, which well, I guess nerds kind of tend to have Asperger traits.  I'd call myself a nerd, too, but as Millhouse from the Simpsons said in one episode "I can't be a nerd.  Nerds are smart."  So, well, anyways, I had trouble fitting in socially too (many teenagers do for some reason or another), and I found my niche by socializing with kids who liked sci fi and joined a sci fi book club through one of the libraries near me as a child.  Most of the members were adults.  I'd suggest getting him to join some sort of group where the people are smarter or older.  I don't know what sorts of things would be like that... a chess club, a book club, a debating team.  If he can get up in front of a crowd, he might even do drama club.  I'm sure his school's guidance counselors could suggest some things. And if he has some place as an outlet with friends, it's a little easier to withstand bullies in the regular classes.

Other thing I could suggest is pull him out of school and homeschool him if the situation was so horrible. My sister was pulled out and homeschooled for half a year and my mom put her in a private catholic school the next year where kids did not tease her.  Catholic schools accept people from whatever faiths or nonfaiths, and they generally tend to have a lot of discipline on kids and don't tolerate kids doing that stuff to other kids.  That year she got pulled out was so bad, that she was missing so much school the first part of the year anyways, from stomach upsets, and staying home.  Her doctor said at age 12 at that time, that she was on her way to an ulcer from the stress from her peers. My sister I think has a mild case of OCD, and people thought she was strange.
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My 9 y/o daughter has Aspergers and has an obsession with video gaming too. She has many personal hygiene issues and is not dependent in those areas. She has only one friend (2 years younger) and is teased often. My daughter always makes friends that are much younger than her but loses them quickly. My daughter has recently been going thru Occupational Therapy for some sensory issues and it has really been helpful to my daughter. Check with your son's school they can do all of the testing for you. They can diagnose his problems and get the proper treatment too. Good Luck
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Hey thanks for your input. I've taken son to Doctors and await an appointment. I'll let you know. I attended camp with my son at 13yrs and he read his book through the teachers lectures and down his first ever abseil. Was amusing.
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