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Autism Diet

I've read in previous forums that the Gluten and Casein Free diet has helped kids with Autism.  My son's therapist hasn't concluded his dignosis but she's leaning to PDD-NOS and I was wondering if I should try a diet like that or the Feingold diet.  Has any one tried either one or which one would be a better diet to follow?
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One of my friends has her son on the Gluten Free diet and she thinks he has been calmer.  Her son is severely autistic and at 19, wears protective underclothing and is non-verbal.  He used to lash out more than he does now & she attributes that to his change in diet and the therapy he is getting to stimulate him.  
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Do you know if the diet (Gluten Free) is available on line or is there a book on it I'd have to buy.  Do you know where your friend got if from?  Please let me know!
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I just emailed my friend to ask her for her sources.  I know she bought things online before.  She has been terrific over the years trying different things even chiropractic with her son in the hopes of helping him.  She has kept him off meds and home-schooled her oldest daughter all the way through (she is 21 now) and the younger one till 9th grade (he just graduated this year).  

She has been an inspiration to me in so many ways.

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We tried the GFCF diet. It didn't change anything for us. We saw no improvements in anything the few months we were on it.

It doesn't hurt to try it, nonetheless. It isn't easy - you're going to have to check labels for a lot of ingredients that are less obvious milk and gluten carriers. But it is doable.

Our pedi had us put my son on a good multivitamin (you'll have to check and make sure the multi is GFCF, too!) so that he wasn't lacking in nutrients.

As a side note, some kids with autism have celiac. If you plan on getting your child tested for that (if he has strange bm's, diarrhea, etc) you'll want to wait until after you get the test to start the diet. They can't do a blood test for celiac if you're already gluten-free.

Good luck!
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Thanks for your feed back..I will keep that in mind.

My son has had some funny bm's but I notice it's mostly related to the food he eats.  What do you consider strange bm's maybe I can keep an eye out for it.
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Most of what I've heard about the odd bm's is the diarrhea-type stuff... some say they have liquid or explosive (tmi... I know!) - but I don't know that it even has to be that abnormal to be celiac.

The celiac test is a blood draw... if you have any concerns, it would be a fairly easy (blood draws are NEVER easy, but you know... easier than something more invasive!) test to do...

Eek! - found this:

Good luck :)
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